Menu sync is not necessary if the product has to be just marked as "Out of Stock", but has to be done in the following cases

  • Addition/Updation of new products
  • Addition/Updation of images to products
  • Addition/Updation of description
  • Sorting of Products/Categories
  • Addition/Updation of Offers

Follow the below procedure to Sync the Menu to Zomato

  1. Click on Settings and select Integrations. 
  2. Click on Online Orders and select the integrated delivery partner for which images has to be synced
  3. Click on Sync Menu and wait for few seconds for the successful upload of the changes
  4. Refresh the screen after 60 seconds. Refer to the "Sync Message" to know the status. Following message will confirm you that the latest menu is updated  "menu_sync_update_callback_message: Menu successfully updated"