The register is the license for your billing device. Each billing device requires an activation key to start using POS which can be obtained enabling a new register. 

  1. Click on Settings and select Registers
  2. Click on Add New Register and fill up the necessary details
    • Name *: Give any name for Register (ex: Terminal - 1) 
    • For Location *: Select the location for which the register is created
    • Default Sale Channel *: Select the default Sale Channel based on your operations
    • Remote Payment Settlements: Enable if the payments have to be settled in a different device apart from the billing device
    • Show Register Closure Totals: Enable if the Sales details have to be displayed while closing the register. If disabled, all the payment details have to be entered manually. Details will be recorded in the backend
    • Ask Customer Details: Enable if the customer details have to be mandatory for every bill
    • Ask Employee: Enable if you require an employee to be tagged for each bill with employee username
    • Ask Sale Channel: Enable if the list of sale channel has to be displayed in POS screen before punching any new bill. 
  3. Click on Save to complete creating the new register

After creating the register, the device has to be assigned and required Bill copies and kitchen copies have to be selected. Refer the following articles to know: Manage register settings and assign device

Each new register will be charged an additional recurring fee based on your subscription plan. For more information contact our support team.