Locations can be either your retail stores, warehouses, or franchisee outlets where you do any or all of the following activities: sell products, ship or fulfill orders, and stock inventory. You can set up multiple locations in your account and all the sales, inventory, etc are managed at each location level

1. Click on Settings and select Locations

2. Click on Add New Location and fill all the necessary details

  • Location Details:

    • Name*: Name of the location (eg: Brooklyn 5th Ave)

    • Franchisee Name: Company Name of the location (eg: Acme Corp LLP)

    • Tax Number: TAX number of the location 

    • Contact Number: Contact number of the location (will be printed in invoices)

    • Email: Email address of the location  

    • Warehouse: Enable if it a warehouse from where the goods are shipped to all other locations

  • Location Settings:

    • Round Off*: Select the nearest Decimal Rounding Off required in your store (Based on Swedish Rounding Standards)

    • Currency*: Select the currency used in the location

    • Sale Channel*: Select the Sale Channels that are used in the location (eg: Walk In, Swiggy, Zomato etc)

    • Payment Types*: Select the payment types that are accepted (eg: Cash/Card etc)

    • Suppliers: Select the suppliers from where the location procures the goods

    • Timezone*: Select the timezone of the location

  • Location Address:

    • Address Line 1: Address line 1 of location

    • Address Line 2: Address line 1 of location

    • City: City of the location

    • State: State of the location

    • Country*: Select the country of the location

    • Zipcode: PIN code of the location

  • Advanced Settings:

    • Enter Valid JSON data. (Optional): Will be used only for few integrations. Leave this column blank

  • Copy Products:

    • Copy Products from Location: Select the location from where the product list has to be copied. Can be left blank if the product list should not be updated

3.  Click on Save to complete creating the new location