1. Click on Products and select Products  
  2. Click on Add New Product and fill up all the necessary details.

    EnabledEnable or Disable based on product availability
    Enabled by default.
    NameEnter the Product NameiPad 6th GenYes
    DescriptionA short description of the product if required (Same will be used in integrations if available) iPad 6th Generation 32GB WiFi Only Retina DisplayOptional
    CategorySelect the Category to which the product has to be assignedPhones & TabletsYes
    Sub CategorySelect the Sub Category to which the product has to be assignedTabletsOptional
    BrandSelect a brand to which the product belongs.AppleOptional
    PositionEnter the numeric values for the alignment of products in POS and Online integrations7Auto assign if not entered based on alphabetic
    SKUUnique stock-keeping code for the product103982Optional
    Bar-codeBarcode of the product for easier accessibility8510003289Optional
    HSN6-digit HSN Code as per govt standards84713090OPtional
    SuppliersSelect a supplier for the product MicroOptional
    Default Unit of MeasureEnter the measuring unit of the productNo'sYes
    ModifiersSelect the modifier set if any (Enable Forced if modifiers has to be auto asked immediately after product added to cart)Additional AccessoriesOptional
    TagsEnter as veg/non-veg/egg etc (Will be used in online integrations)NAOptional
    LocationSelect the location the product to be added 
    SellableEnable/Disable depending on whether the product is sellable at the location or not (Switch it off for raw materials/ingredients so that they won't be visible in POS, but the product is still assigned to selected locations and inventory tracking happens if applicable)
    Enabled by default.
    ColorSelect any color for the product (To identify it easier in the billing screen. Typically followed process is veg products - green color; non-veg products -red color; etc)
    Selected by default. 
    ImageUpload image of the product less than 2 Mb ( if required) 
    Cost PriceCost price of the product (Receiving price from vendor)25500Optional
    TaxSelect the tax applicable for the productGST 12Auto selected the first tax
    InclusiveEnable/Disable if the prices are inclusive of taxes/exclusive of taxes
    Disabled by default
    Enable Tracking Select Yes/No if inventory tracking has to be enabled/disabled
    Disabled by default
    Allow Negative SellingSelect Yes/No if products to be sold after inventory stock goes down to "0" or beyond
    Disabled by default

  3. Click on Create to complete creating the new product
  4. After the product is created, scroll to the Sale Channels tab and click on More
  5. Update the following details
    Selling PriceEnter the selling price of the product 28999Yes
    Display PriceEnter the MRP of the product29999Optional
    TaxSelect the Tax applicableGST 12Auto selected the first tax
    ChargeSelect the charge applicable additionally if any
    Tax InclusiveEnable if the Selling Price if inclusive of taxes or exclusive
    Disabled by default
    Inventory Allow NegativeEnable/Disable if products to be sold after inventory stock goes down to "0" or beyond
    Disabled by default
    SellableEnable/Disable if the product is sellable in the respected Sale Channel Few products may be sellable only at store, not on Online. Enable/Disable as per sale channelEnabled by default
    EnabledEnable/ Disable if the product is available in stockIf product is discontinued, then product can be disabledEnabled by default
  6. Click on Done and then click on Save to complete updating the product