Push Notifications :

You can now get instant notifications on your cell phone upon important events like Bill Void, KOT Void & Register Closure.

Managing a business especially with multiple locations is always a tedious task. In our experience, we have realised that getting instant updates on 3 major parameters will help you get a sense of your daily business affairs. 

  • Register Closure : Receive shift summary of a register at the end of every shift
  • Bill Void : You will receive an update as and when a bill is voided
  • KOT Void : Be on top of each and every cancelled kitchen orders

Enabling push notifications on your cell phone is very simple. Select My Profile from the sidebar, selectively enable the required notifications and click on Save Changes. 



NOTE : Make sure your cell phone has data connectivity to receive instant notifications.

Voiding a Bill :

You can now void a bill from your cell phone itself. Please follow the below steps :

  1. Click on the sidebar and select Billing History.
  2. Select the particular bill or search for one by bill number.
  3. Click on Edit symbol and select Void Bill
  4. Enter the reason for voiding the bill and click Void.

( Make sure you enter the exact reason for voiding a bill, for future refernce )

screenshot-void-bill.png     screenshot-void-bill-reason.png