Shoptree Dashboard is a quick way to get an instant snapshot of your store's sales, top selling product, activity, inventory and other transactions on the go

The Dashboard App provides you with real-time updates of the sales and inventory activities at your outlets. 


Shoptree Dashboard

Features of Shoptree Dashboard :

1. Dashboard : Provides a quick view of the most critical data related to your business for real-time analysis. This includes the following data with date range and store filters :
  • Total sales
  • Most popular product
  • First bill & last bill activity times.
  • Total quantities and total bills punched.
  • Summary of Sales, profits, inventory and tax collections
  • Breakdown of sales by different payment types

2. Push Notifications : Get instant notifications on your phone upon important events like Bill Void, KOT Void & Register Closure. Since these notifications are directly sent to your phone, they are way better, easier and faster than receiving an e-mail !

3. Billing History : You can track all your bills at one place in real time and search for a specific bill based on bill number. Additionally, you can void a bill on the phone itself

4. Register Closures : Provides the list of all shift wise summaries with a detailed breakdown of your register activity. It includes

  • Total amount collected at the register, amount submitted and the difference at the end of a shift
  • Shift open and closing timings with the details of the employee
  • Breakdown of sales by total amount collected, discount, taxes and profits
  • Details of Voided KOT's by number of products and amount
  • Breakdown of Sales by payment types like Cash, Card, Wallet, Sodexo etc
  • Breakdown of tax collection by tax types

5. KOT Void History : You can track all canceled kitchen orders with details of Bill No, reason for cancellation, quantities, amount and name of the employee

6. Refer & Earn : Refer your friend & earn upto $255. Please make sure you fill al the details in the form so that our team can reward the right person. In case you do not have permission for the Shoptree Dashboard app, you may list the referral details using your colleague's app or by directly reaching out to Shoptree at

7. FAQs & Docs : Stuck somewhere? One-click access to our support documentation

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