There are two ways of giving discounts. Discount can be given either to a particular product or for the whole bill.

To give a discount for a particular product

1. Click on the item you want to give discount

2. The edit screen will load in the right side of the billing screen with all the information. Select the discount field and enter the discount applicable.

Note: Discount can be given in the amount basis or even in the percentage basis. Just click on the dollar symbol " " to give the discount in amount basis and percentage symbol " % " to give the discount in percentage basis

Note : Discount can even be predefined for a set of products for a limited time. To predefine the discount for a limited time, the products and discount applicable must be updated in the PriceBooks. Refer the following article to know How To Add a Pricebook?

4. Click Pay Bill and select the payment mode to complete the Sale

To give discount on the total sale

1. Click on Discount button

2. Enter the discount applicable (Discount can be given only in the percentage basis for a bill). Click Pay Bill and select the payment mode to complete the sale.

Note: User can use any one method of discounting on an individual sale, both cannot be applied simultaneously.

         User can only give additional discounts if the user has permissions to do so. Enable the required permissions in the user settings.