To select Dine-In mode, refer the article How do I use sale types?

To set the Dine-In mode as default, you need to edit the register settings (Refer the article: How to Edit an existing Register?)

1. Enter the Table number and click Open to start adding items

Click Save to save the order and send kitchen order tickets (KOT)

3. Click on Orders to view open tables and click on Resume to add more items to the table

5. Click Print Bill to generate the Final Invoice

6. The final step will be to settle the bill. It can be of 2 ways either Local Settlement or Remote Settlement. You can check for the Local Settlement below and to know about the Remote Settlement, you can refer the following article What are Local and Remote Settlements?

    In Local Settlement, click on orders to view open orders and click on Resume to open the order. Click Pay Bill and settle the bill by selecting the payment method