1. Click Products on Navigation bar and select StockControl from the drop-down

2. Click on New Receive to start receiving the stocks

3. Fill up the details

  1. Receive name : System will auto generate the Receive Name based on time, if required name can be changed
  2. Supplier : Select the supplier from whom the stock is received
  3. Receiving Store : Select the store to which the stock is received


Click Save to start adding products to the list

4. Start adding products

a) Just type the product name in the Add Products field, it will auto prompt to select a product. Select the product from the list, enter the quantity and click Add


b) To scan product to the order click the  bar-code button next to add field to activate scan mode

Note: To remove the Product,  click the Trash button  in the product row 


4. Enter the Received Quantity, Price and Tax of each products you are receiving

5. Click Save All to save the Products that have been audited and received


This pushes the saved products immediately to the store in-stock, therefore it can be sold before completing the transaction

( Partial receiving , additional products that were not audited during receive can be added once they are audited and can be completed later on )

Note : Product prices , quantity cannot be modified once it is saved

6. Click Save and Complete to complete this receive transaction.

Note :Receive cannot be modified once it is completed