1. Click Products on Navigation bar and select Products from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New Product

3. Fill the appropriate fields

  • Name : Enter the Product name say Fruit Basket
  • Short Name : Define a short name you can use to make a search easier while selling
  • SKU : Unique stock keeping code for the product ( Barcode )
  • Description : A short description of the product if required.
  • Section : Select a section from the dropdown to which this product belongs or quick add using Add New Section
  • Brand : Select a brand to which this product belongs or quick add using Add New Brand
  • Supplier : Select a supplier for the product or quick add using Add New Supplier
  • Modifier Set : Select the modifier set if any
  • Available Stores : Select the Stores you like this product to be added ( select all stores if this product is stocked in all locations )
  • Color : Select any colour for product (To identify it easier in billing screen)
  • Measure Type: Specify the unit of measure
  • Image: Upload image of the product less than 2Mb ( if required)
  • Status: Select enabled / disabled if you want the product to be active / inactive

  • Selling Price : Enter the Base selling price of the product
  • Discount : Enter discount percentage ( Enter this if you like to Predefine a discount. Additional discount other than this can also be given when selling )
  • Tax Type : Select a tax percentage from the drop down
  • Final Price : This price is auto calculated if other fields are entered. You still can edit this and the system auto calculates the base price

  • Inventory : Select whether it is Standard or Composite Product (Standard and Composite Products are explained below)
          Note: You cannot change/edit product type in the future after adding the product

For Standard Product

 Stock Tracking : Select the required option
 Reorder Point : Enter the reorder level at which this product should be auto reordered
 Reorder Amount : Enter the reorder quantity you want to auto reorder

For Composite product : Select composite product if the product is made up of many standard products

Just type the product name ,the search field will auto prompt to select a product. Select the product from the list and enter the quantity and click Add. You can add n number of standard products to make a single composite product.

Warning : Please note that you cannot change/edit/delete the composite items in list & its quantity values in the future after adding this product

Note : The quantity can also be in decimals like 0.1 Kg, 0.05Kg

4. Finally, click Add Product to complete adding the product