1. Click Products on the Navigation bar and select PriceBooks from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New PriceBook

3. Fill the appropriate fields

  1. Name : Give any friendly Pricebook Name say Weekend Special Offer
  2. Dates : Select the Start and End dates
  3. Time : Select the Start and End time in a day 
  4. Active Days : Select the days you want the pricebook to be active
  5. Stores : Select the stores from the dropdown for which the Pricebook must be applied
  6. Status : Select Enabled / Disabled if you want the pricebook to be active / inactive

Click Add to add the PriceBook and start adding the Products

Note:  You can Create promotional pricebooks also by limiting the Time and the Active days 

eg.If you like to give 50% off on Saturday and Sundays between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

    Set the Start time to 15:00:00 and End Time to 17:00:00

    Active Days : Check the check box only Saturday and Sunday (This price only applies at these time interval, otherwise it will be your Regular price)

5. Now start adding the Products to this Pricebook. Simply search the name in Search Products field, select the product from the drop down list and click Add

Enter the price and discount for the products. After adding all the products click Save All to finish adding

(Note: Products can be edited, added or removed from the list whenever required)