1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Receipt Templates from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New Receipt Template

3. Fill the appropriate details.

  • Template Name : Give a Name to Template like Bill Copy , Kitchen Template
  • Kitchen Printer : Choose Yes if this template will be used for KOT printing (Template will be pre-modified without header, footer, and product prices)
  • Kitchen Print Section : Select the sections if you require KOT to be split according to your kitchen
  • Web Printer : Choose Yes if you are printing on intelligent printers else choose No if you are printing on normal printers
          Note: Device ID is local_printer for Omnilink / Intelligent printer by default.

   Finally click Add to finish adding the new Template.

   In order to add this template, the register must be edited. Refer the following link to know How to Edit an existing Register?