1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Employees & permissions from the drop-down

2. Click view button viewbutton.jpg to view and edit user permission

3. Click on Store permissions or Global permissions tab to change user permission

    Click on Add New Store to set permissions for a new store

    In Store Permissions, different level permissions can be set for different available stores

    In Global permissions, permissions set will be for all the stores available for the user

    Select the store for which you want the change the permissions and check the checkbox for required permissions

Store Permissions:
Edit: To edit store details
Edit Payment options: To edit Payment-types for store

Register, Product, Pricebook Permissions:
Add: To add new
Edit: To edit existing
Delete: To delete existing

User Permissions:
Set permission: To allow user to modify permissions or roles of other users

Stock Permissions:
Order: To make stock orders
Receive: To receive orders
Request : Request of stock from other stores
Send : To transfer stock to other stores
Count : To do stock take or stock audit
Wastage: To add wastage or dump of stocks

Note: To Accept and Send a request user should have both request and send permissions

Billing Permissions:
Sell: to make sales( access to billing screen)
Price: To edit price of product when selling
Discount: To give discounts when selling
Tax: To change tax type when selling

Billing History:
Void: To void a sale
Re-print: To reprint receipts of a sale
Email: To re-send receipt of sale via email

Note: Select at least one permission for the user 
         Small and Medium plans have Basic permissions settings

Small and Medium plans have basic permissions as Cashier and Manager

Cashier : All Stock, Billing and Billing history permissions are enabled

Manager : All permissions are enabled except global permissions


4. Click Save Changes to save and finish editing. (Note Click save changes for each store separately)

5. Click Remove to Remove the user from the selected store