1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Stores & Registers from the drop-down

2.Click on Add New Register

3. Fill the appropriate details

  • Name : Name of the register say Register-1.
  • For Store: Select the store for which you want this Register to be added
  • Default Sale Type : Select the default sale type based on your operations.
  • Allowed Sale Mode:  Select the default sale mode based on your operations (Take Away and Home Delivery will be available in all modules)
  • Payment Settlement :  Select the type of payment settlement.
  • Register Rules:  Select the register automations to be applied to this register
  • Receipt Template : Select the Receipt template you want to assign this register. You can assign multiple templates also. 
  • Options : Check the check-box required to force prompt the user to enter details
  • Status : Select Enabled or Disabled option whether you want the Register to be active or not

4. Finally, click on Add New Register to finish creating the new register