1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Stores & Registers from the dropdown

2. Stores and Registers page shows all the stores and register in your company (Note : Users can only see the Stores which they are assigned. Only administrators can see all the stores and registers)

A. Quick add button to add new Register to the above store

B. Quick add button to add new Users to the above store

C. Click List store to view list of all stores in your company

D. Click Add New Store to add a new store

E. Click List Registers to view list of all registers in your company

F.  Click Add New Register to add new Register

a. Total enabled registers in the store (3 Registers are enabled in the Location 1 store in above example)

b. Total disabled registers in the store (0 Registers are disabled in the second store in above example)

c. Total enabled users in the store (1 user is enabled in above example)

d. Total disabled users in the store (0 users are disabled in the above example)

e. Shows the status of the store or register (Enabled is available for the operations, Disabled is not available for the operations)

f. Click View button to view store / register details

g. Click Edit button to edit store / register details