1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Stores & Registers from the dropdown

2. Click on Add New Store

3. Fill the appropriate fields

Name : Store name say Store @5th Ave
Description : A short description of the store ( if required )  
Round Off Type : Select nearest Decimal Rounding Off required in your store ( Based on Swedish Rounding Standards )
Tax No : Please enter your Tax/Vat number ( It will be used to show in the receipts )

Address : Fill up the address (It will be used to show in the receipts)

Currency : Select the currency used in the Store

Time Zone : Enter the time zone for your store


Phone : Enter the store telephone number (If required, It will be used to show in the receipts)

Email : Enter the store Email address (If required, It will be used to show in the receipts) 

         Status: Select Enabled or Disabled option whether you want the store to be active or not

Finally, click Add Store to finish creating your new store