1. Click Settings on the navigation bar and select Receipt Templates from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New Receipt Template

3. Fill the appropriate details and Click on Add to complete adding the KOT receipt template

Template Name: Give any friendly name say KOT-Beverages

Kitchen Printer: Select Yes ( Select No if it is a bill copy )

Kitchen Print Sections: Select all the section that has to be printed ( If not selected, then it will print all the sections in the same KOT printer ) 

Web Printer: Choose Yes if you are printing on Intelligent printers else choose No if you are printing on Normal printers

Web Printer Local IP : Enter the IP of your Epson Intelligent Printer. Refer the following link to know Configuring Epson Intelligent or Omnilink printers

Web Printer Device ID : Enter the device id that you want this print template to print on. Refer the following article to know Configuring Slave printers to Epson Intelligent printer

4. Accordingly, add more Receipt Templates as per your requirements and assign the Receipt Template to the Register