1. Click Reports on the navigation bar and select Report By Products

2. Use the filters to filter the Stores, Sale Sources etc. It gives you a brief overview of top selling product by value and by quantity.

For example: If you wanted to know the top selling product through Swiggy, then you can select Swiggy in Sale Sources, required store in Stores field (optional, if report required for particular store) and select the date range (if required for a particular date range. By default, system provides the report for previous 1 week) . Click refresh to generate the required report.

3.  Report by Products gives the detailed distribution of Products based on Sections in Percentage as well as Amount

     Scroll to the bottom to view complete product list with the number of quantities sold. Click on export to download the report for further analysis

NOTE: Click on Qty's to arrange the selling products in number of quantities sold wise (ascending / descending order)