Make sure that the ingredients used for Composite products are added as Standard products already. In case, if not added please add the products initially ( Refer the following article to know : How to add a new Product? )

1. Click Products on the Navigation bar and select Products from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New Product

3. Fill the appropriate fields

  • Name : Product Name say Hamburger
  • Short Name : Define a short name or short code which can used to make a search easier when selling
  • SKU : Unique stock keeping code for the product ( Barcode )
  • Description : A short description of the product
  • Section Select a section from the dropdown to which this product belongs. (ex: Burgers)
  • Brand Select a brand to which this product belongs
  • Supplier : Select a supplier of the product (Used to auto Reorder when the stock is low)
  • Available Stores : Select the Stores you like this product to be added ( select all stores if this product is stocked in all locations )
  • Color : Select a product color ( Used on sell screen button colors )
  • Measure Type : Specify the unit of measure
  • Image Upload image of the product less than 2Mb ( if required)
  • Status Select enabled / disabled if you want the product to be active / inactive.
  • Selling Price : Enter the Base selling price of the product.
  • Discount : Enter discount percentage ( Enter this if you like to Predefine a discount. Additional discount other than this can also be given when selling )
  • Tax Type : Select a tax percentage from the drop down.
  • Final Price : This price is auto calculated if other fields are entered. You still can edit this and the system auto calculates the base price

Inventory: Select Composite product (Note: You cannot change/edit product type in the future after adding the product.)

Stock tracking is auto enabled if any one of the composites in the product has stock tracking

Just type the product name in Search Products field, system auto-propmts to select the product. Select the product and enter the quantity used.

Example :  Hamburger contains 2 buns, 2 patty, 0.100 pounds of onions, 1 cheese slice, 0.100 pounds of tomatoes etc. You can just type as bun in Search products field, system auto-prompts to select the product. Select the product Bun and enter the quantity used (Measure type "No", "Pounds" is already pre-defined while adding standard product). Add the rest of the ingredients used.

( Note : The quantity can also be in decimals like 0.1 Kg, 0.05Kg )

(Please note that you cannot edit/delete the composite items in list & its quantity values in the future after adding this product.)

4. Finally Click Add Product button to complete adding the product.