1. Click Reports on Navigation bar and select Report by Products from the dropdown


2. Search using the filters

    For example: Let`s say you need to generate a report of the number of Water bottles sold in Location-1. Go to Product field and type the Product Name (Water bottle), select Location-1 in Stores and click Refresh.

Click on Export to download the Report


3. Quick View of Products Report

    A. Top product by Value: Top Selling Product based on value (= Total Quantity x Selling Price)

    B. Top product by Qty: Top Selling Product based on number of items sold

    C. Sales: Total amount of sales

    D. Discount: Total amount of discount  

4. Report by Products gives the detailed distribution of Products based on Sections in Percentage as well as Amount  

    Click on Export to download the Graphs or the Report for further analysis

The graphs indicating profit percentage and the profit column in summary would be applicable only if you manage Inventory on the Shoptree system