Register Automation helps you assign rules at the back-end to automate key functionalities such as changing tax structure & assigning discounts for each bill based on Sale Channels. 

For instance, you may want to charge a delivery charge of 15% per bill but not levy VAT on Home Delivery orders. For such a use-case you can define a Register Rule to change the tax structure for the bill from VAT to Delivery charge. When the rule is active, the tax structure will be automatically changed for all Home Delivery orders which reduces the burden on the cashier during check out

Example:  Let us configure an automation for Take Away and Home Delivery orders such that Packing Charges will be charged instead of Service Charge 

1. Click Settings on Navigation bar and select Register Automation from the dropdown

2. Click on Add New Register Rule.

3. Enter the details.

  • Name: Give a friendly name for this automation. Ex : Home Delivery & TakeAway
  • Description: Enter any short description (If required)
  • Status:  Select Enabled or Disabled option whether you want the rule to be active or not.
  • Conditions: Select the conditions as per your requirements. For the above example, we can select the sale types as below 

Sale Type is Equal to Home-Delivery. 

Sale Type is Equal to Take-Away.

  • Actions: Select the actions as per your requirements. For the above example, you can select the change tax action and select the taxes
Change Tax from Service Charge(5.00%) to Packing Charge(5.00%)

5. Finally click Add to finish creating your new Register Rule. 

6. In order to assign this register automation to register, the register must be edited. Refer the following link to know How to assign the Register Automation / Register Rule to Register?