What is Sale Type ?

Based on the nature of a transaction the cashier can tag a sale as :

Walk-In (without table management), Dine-In (with table management), Home Delivery & Take-Away

Benefits of Sale Types

By using the Sale types feature you can:

  • Tag the sale based on the nature of transaction.
  • Automate the application of discounts, taxes & surcharges based on the type of sale. To enable this you may also have to do register automations. (Refer the article: How do i use Register Automation?
  • At the time of reconciliation, you may generate X-Y reports for each of the sale types separately.

How to use Sale Type in Billing Window:

1. Click on the Bill no. on top left of your screen

2. Choose the type of the sale

3. Now you can see the sale type selected right next to Bill No


Note :It will switch back to default Sale Type after completing the transaction. In order to set the default Sale Type you need to edit the register settings (Refer the article: How to Edit Existing Register).