1. Click Products on the Navigation bar and select Products Modifiers from the drop-down

2. Click on Add New Modifier Set

3. Fill the appropriate fields

  1. Name : Give a friendly name for Modifier Set say Burger Modifier
  2. Groups : Group name eg: Veg options
  3. Selectable : Number of options selectable (0 is all selectable)
  4. Option name : Enter the modifiers available eg: Aloo Tikki
  5. Extra Price : Add on price if applicable apart from product price
  6. Color : Choose a color for quick identification on billing screen

Click on Add another option to add more options

Click on Add another group to add more groups (Maximum of 5 groups can be added in each modifier set)

Click on Add to complete adding the Modifier Set

Note : Use trash button next to group name to remove the entire group or icon next to option name to remove only the option

Note: You can rearrange the group order by dragging group name up or down. The group order which it is represented here will be replicated on billing window. Make sure you define the order properly

In order to assign the Modifier Sets to Product, the Product must be edited. Please refer the following link to know How to assign the Product Modifier to a Product?