a. Apple iPad 2 or above.

b. Shoptree's iPad App which can be found here.

c. Shoptree Account. You can signup here for free.

d. Shoptree Card Reader (currently works only for US customers) which can be ordered by contacting us via email or submitting a support ticket.

e. New Payment Type "Card" configured for the card reader. Configuration guide found here.


1. Make sure the Card Reader is attached to iPad's headphone jack and volume is increased to full.

2. In iPad App add Products to the sale.

3. Click Pay Bill.

4. Click "Card" as the payment type.

5. Swipe the Card.

6. Ask the Customer to Sign and click Confirm Signature.

7. Authorizing Payment and Success message is shown after successful transaction.

8. The receipt is printed and emailed on completion.