Please configure all the Slave printers and the Intelligent/ Omnilink Printer before adding slave printers settings.
View this article on configuring Epson Omnilink or Intelligent Printers
View this article on configuring Epson LAN Printers

1. Open your browser and navigate to this will open the printer setup. ( Note : Please use your already configured printer IP address instead of )

2. Click on Device under Configuration. 

    • Enter the Device ID. eg: kitchen_printer 
    • Model: Select the model from the drop down of your slave printer. eg: TM-T88V
    • IP Address:  IP address of your already configured slave printer eg:
    • Retry Interval: 100.
Note: Please write down the device ID and the IP address. These are required to configure your receipt templates.

3. Click Register to add the slave printer.

4. Turn your Slave printer ON and click Test Print to cross check that it is configured properly.

Note: You can multiple slave printers to each Omnilink or Intelligent printer.