Use the scanner in iOS mode. Using this mode will ensure any barcodes scanned automatically add products to the sale in the iPad app.

To setup the socket scanner with the Apple device in iOS mode: (required only the first time you connect)  

1. Power on the CHS by pressing the small power button untill the LED turns blue.


Note: Make sure this scanner is not already paired with other device earlier, if so please Factory reset or Unpair  the device before continuing.

2. Scan this barcode. The CHS will beep 3 times.

3. Enable Bluetooth on the Apple device. A Bluetooth device search will begin.  

4. In the list of found devices, select Socket CHS [xxxxxx]. If prompted, tap Pair.


The characters in brackets are the last 6 characters of the CHS Bluetooth Address, which is labeled in the CHS battery compartment.

5. Open Shoptree application. It will attempt to connect your device to the CHS and beeps 2 times upon connection.

6. Now you are ready to scan barcodes.